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Private Duty Nursing Services

Our young clients receive specialized services in the comfort of their homes from our nursing staff. We find that maintaining the familiarity of a child’s surroundings goes a long way to putting them at ease.  Our private nursing service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. We’re available for emergencies as well as routine care. Service is flexible and customizable. We can set up service temporarily or over a longer period. We accept most major insurance companies, including Medicaid as well as private payments.


Extensive Pediatric Expertise & Ventilator Dependent Children

Our qualified clinical staff members are required to obtain extensive education, training, and pediatric experience before coming to your home and treating your child. Our staff is trained to expertly operate equipment such as ventilators and other home oxygen management systems. We specialize conditions that stem from complications from prematurity and various genetic syndromes. We also carefully administer any needed medications including intravenous medications.


Skilled Assessments and Education

At Chesapeake, we specialize in working with families to help them obtain the resources and tools they will need to maintain as normal a family lifestyle as possible. This includes free comprehensive nursing assessments, a free monthly assessment, free family consultations, patient and family education, and ongoing monitoring of outcomes. For more information about our resources and tools contact us here.

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